Mad over Sports

Mad over Sports

Dadar, Mumbai


Mad Over Sports boast a captive course which offers the thrill of adventure through an array of adrenaline pumping sports in a unique format.

Nestled in the lap of city which never sleeps, MoS is the perfect place for the sports enthusiasts. What’s more, it’s inviting environ provide the perfect setting for a fun-filled getaway cum training program for students and corporate that aims to instill a spirit of teamwork & oneness among its participants.

Mad Over Sports introduces Soapy football for the first time in India. It is an innovative attraction, but with a twist! Instead of grass, you play on an inflatable surface that is covered with slippery soap! Slip and slide and try to stay on your feet as you play a game of footy like you have never done before. This complicates the controlled passing, running and shooting and therefore provides an unprecedented football fun!

You could be the messy “Messi” or the “Superstar” of the soap as you will realize your conventional street soccer skills will be tested to the very limit when you are trying to keep balance! It is a perfect way to spend an hour for all age group!

The arena also offers one of its kind rooftop indoor cricket and mini football turf course to pump the heap of fun.

Unlike other physical sports, it is a lot more fun too!



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Dadar, Mumbai

Gautam Nagar Road, Gautam Nagar, Dadar East, Mumbai 400012, India

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