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March 2023 spynPRO Product Update 🎉

We are excited to share with you a long list of micro features released to make your workflow simpler.

1. Hero Image for Guest user and logged in CONNECT user
Add images with a clickable button on your Connect home page. You can have different sets of images for guest and logged-in users.
A great way to make your landing page more interactive.

2. Hide subscription end date on Connect app
If you do not wish to show subscription end date, you can hide it by enabling the option under Settings->Connect app.

3. Performance Report 📈
1. Added bulk assessment flow whereby you can enter the scores of all clients at once – powerful if you are assessing all clients of a class at once.
2. Provided option to show/hide various data fields like age, gender, attendance, overall remarks, BMI calculation, duration, date.
3. Bulk download client’s performance report info with their total score. You can apply filter to download reports class-wise.

4. Bulk & Download Actions
1. Import enquiries in bulk using excel file.
2. Bulk download client details with no. of sessions and pending amount info.
3. Download plans in excel format.

5. BookingsPRO
1. Add tags to Booking transactions to easily search for specific types of bookings.
2. Added filter on listing pages.

Other Features
1. Using the “sessions remaining filter” on Client list page, quickly find out those clients whose subscriptions are about to end.
2. Add Terms & Conditions to the invoice you send by entering them in Settings->Invoice->Configuration.
3. The add staff invitation flow has been simplified to make it easier for you to onboard your colleagues.
4. Do you always deduct a session when your client is absent? If so, enable this option under Settings->General-Client Attendance. spyn PRO won’t ask you again while marking attendance if a session should be deducted.
5. On invoice listing page, search by name, email, mobile and item too.
6. Now, send messages to clients of Inactive classes too using the new filter options.

Phew! That was a long one. Would love to hear your feedback on this.

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