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London System Made Easy: Step by Step Guide by Study Chess Pro. Chess Pro brings you best information about chess to help you Learn chess from the best in world. IF you are looking our to learn London System of Chess than this is A helpful article that outlines all the information necessary to start playing chess. The goal of this article is to help students improve their game, and not just on a casual level. . . This article is a guide that is meant to take students from the very beginning to an intermediate level. . . There are sections for students that are just starting out, but it also includes many tips for improving a student's game. The article provides a detailed guide to the London System for chess. The article begins by discussing the move of the knight to the second rank, and how it can be followed by a rook and then a bishop. This article includes a series of diagrams, with explanations of the moves, as well as a detailed explanation of the goal of the London System.

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