Fun Fitness

Session plan (3-6 age group) for all centers tomorrow

*Equipment:* Ladder,Small Balls,Hurdles,Cones, Markers,

*Warmup (7 min):* Any Tag games (Can add variation like move around by doing any animal walks)

*Mobility (2 min):* Toe walking, heel walking, Flying pose walk, 90-90 hip rotation

*Water break (2 min)*

*Activity (5 min):* Balance the cone between the legs and take tiny hops

*Main drill (15 min):* Mini hurdle jumps/hops + crawl + sprint (To enhance intensity add time based aspect)

*Water break (2 min)*

*Games (5min):* Dog and the bone

*Cooldown (5 min):* Toe hold, P-touch, L-shape, butterfly, butterfly position - forehead on toe stretch, cobra stretch

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