Football Formations (Part 1) – The 4-4-2

Ever wondered how to win the Football battle even before kickoff? In our latest series we cover intricacies of various formations, starting with the 4-4-2.
Art Of Passing

Art of Passing

Passing is a simple yet most essential skill in football. Here are tips and techniques to help you improve your passing!
Mesut Özil

How to become a better Midfielder!

Matches are won and lost in the midfield. Want to become a better midfielder? Here are a few pointers to get you started!

Top 5 Goal keepers in the World!

VIDEO BLOG - Outstanding saves that makes them my top 5 contemporary Goal keepers and the best in their business

5 Most Popular Barcelona Jerseys

Here are 5 popular Jerseys in the history of Europe's one of the most successful club and their glory.
Footballer cars

Super Cars of Football Stars

Football stars are one of the most highly paid athletes.With the money comes style and CARS! Here is a list of 10 footballers with their supercars.
Gareth Bale

Life of Gareth Bale!

Gareth Bale - the world's most expensive player - also led his country Wales on a dream run at the Euro 2016. Here a look at the amazing Gareth Bale!
Introduction to Free Kicks


Free Kicks, when perfectly executed, are beautiful! Want to master this art? Here is where you start: Introduction to Free kicks!
Iceland football team amazing facts

Amazing Facts About Iceland’s National Football Team

Here are 8 astounding facts about the underdogs Iceland, who are doing a lot better in France than you might have thought.
Sports bars mumbai

Watch Euro 2016 in these Mumbai Sports Bars

Here is our pick of sports bars in Mumbai where you can enjoy UEFA EURO 2016 with your friends.