Transfer Window Review!

In total, Billion + has been spent this transfer window by the clubs to strengthen their teams. Find out about the top transfers this window here!

PFL Cover

Premiership Football League 2016

Premiership Football League has had a gripping and spectacular end to its season. Read about the highlights of the 3 month long Mumbai tournament!

Football Formations Series Part 4: 4-3-2-1

Welcome back to the Football Formation Series! In Part 4, We discuss about Carlos Ancelloti’s Champions League winning formula with AC Milan 4-3-2-1

Life of Paul Pogba

He is young, He is talented and he is stylish! Find out about the life of the man who has become the most expensive player in the world – Paul Pogba!

Ronaldinho Futsal

Futsal Formations and Tactics

Is your team suffering from chaos on the futsal pitch? Here are 4 simple formations to choose from to bring method to the madness.

Top 10 Football Movies

‘Goal!’ the movie – features stars like Zidane, Beckham and Raul! Find out where it stands in our top 10 movies on the beautiful game!


In Part 3 of the Football Formation series, we look at Brazil’s 2002 World cup winning formula – The 5-3-2!


Highest Paid Footballers of 2015-16

Footballers are amongst the highest paid athletes. And if you’d like to see how much they are taking home, here are the top 10 of 2015-16.


EUROs 2016: UEFA XI Vs spyn XI

We debated over the UEFA Best XI – agreed with many, disagreed with a few and came up with our own. Here is the official UEFA Euro 2016 XI vs spyn Euro XI.


Part 2 of football formation series covers 4-3-3, the most popular formation in football today. It’s structure, working, history and when to use it.