9 Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity

Your body’s immune system consists of certain organs and processes that can effectively fight toxins, infections and diseases. A strong immune system is critical to keeping us healthy.

Basics of Macro Nutrients

Learn the basics of Macro Nutrients, the food they are present in and how they benefit our body!
motor skills

Activities to Develop your Kids Motor Skills

Motor Skills play an important part in physical development of kids. Here are some activities that will help your kid improve his or her motor skills
Federer training routine

Roger Federer’s Training Routine

A glimpse into the training routine behind Federer's 66 Grand Slam Appearances and 17 Slam Titles.


HIIT is an alternate form of Cardio which helps you get better at sports. Packs a punch in a short routine!
Equestian sports

Benefits of Horse-Riding

Horse-riding is fun. And if that wasn't reason enough to get started, it's also exceptionally good for you - both physically and mentally. Here's why.
How Sports can Help Your Kids

How Summer Camps can Transform Your Kid

Physical, Mental and Social Benefits of Summer Camps for Children - Why time and money spent on Sports education is worth every penny.
diet tips

5 Diet Tips for Sportsmen

The underlying principle of any food habit is eating healthy and digesting quickly. Here are 5 healthy diet tips that focus on accelerating digestion.
6 Yoga Asanas for Sports

6 Yoga Asanas that’ll help you in sports by Yamini Muthanna

Yoga asanas that will help in improving stamina, flexibility, energy, focus & concentration. All of which are important for sports