How Sports can Help Your Kids

How Summer Camps can Transform Your Kid

Physical, Mental and Social Benefits of Summer Camps for Children – Why time and money spent on Sports education is worth every penny.

diet tips

5 Diet Tips for Sportsmen

The underlying principle of any food habit is eating healthy and digesting quickly. Here are 5 healthy diet tips that focus on accelerating digestion.

Fun Ways to watch T20 WC

5 Fun ways to watch the T20 World Cup 2016

Dhoni and his men seem well prepared with a washout vistory over the Aussies and the Asia Cup sweep. And we all should start making our preparations to make sure not to miss a moment of those nail-biting matches. Here are 5 ways to add up a little more exuberance and thrill to this T20 World Cup experience.

Stay Healthy Have Fun with Squash

Stay Healthy Have Fun with Squash by Mekhala Subedar

Squash was rated the healthiest with impressive scores in cardio-respiratory endurance (4.5), muscle endurance (5) and calories burnt (5).
Here is an introduction to the sport and why squash is beneficial to the casual sportsmen interested in staying fit while having fun.