Why Compete in Tournaments

Occasional Tournaments will give you a Permanent Edge

Few casual sports players participate in competitive tournaments. The reasons given are lack of opportunities or time. However, I believe motivation is the biggest culprit. Once you know the benefits, you will never miss an opportunity to compete. Here are the most significant ones…

Why Warm up before activity?

8 Reasons to Warmup before Sports

Many of the casual sports players are guilty of skipping their warmup. Some believe a warmup is needed only by the professional players playing at high intensity. And they couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is why each and every sports activity must necessarily start with an appropriate warmup.

Healthy Weekend to-do list

10 Things to do for a Healthy Weekend

Jog, yoga, breakfast, cycling, read call, play, help, swim, walk

2016 New year resolution

6 Tips to Achieve Your 2016 Resolutions

Most of the New Year resolutions do not survive January. And if they survive April, there is a good chance they will stick for years. It is about habit formation. Here are some tips to help you through this tricky habit formation period and beyond.