6 Tips to Achieve Your 2016 Resolutions

– Nayan Karnavat (Cofounder, spyn)

(approx 2m 30s)

Most of the New Year resolutions do not survive January. And if they survive April, there is a good chance they will stick for years. It is about habit formation. Here are some tips to help you through this tricky habit formation period and beyond.

Resolution tips


Derive specific goals from your broad objective.

1. Plan

Before diving into the ‘How’, it’s important to get the ‘What’ right. Fix the objective and derive your goals. What is the difference between an objective and a goal? – The first thought when you brainstormed for New Year resolutions would usually be an objective, and not a goal. (Discount the “Ah, I never achieve them” voice for now).

Example of an Objective: Improve my badminton game.

Add to this your current skill, the resources you have and your aspirations to come up with a set of goals. They have a clear ‘Yes, achieved!’ or ‘No, I didn’t’ answer.

Example of Goals:

  1. Skills: Play at least 3 hours a week. Get coach review once a month.
  2. Fitness: Improve stamina by running 3 hours every week.
  3. Match practice: Play against 12 state level players aged 18-35. Play 4 tournaments.

Just like you derived your goals from your objective, you can further disintegrate goals into tasks that are achievable right from day one. Keep the tasks as specific as your GOALS and have deadlines or frequencies for each.

Post  your goals on social media.

2. Announce

Remember how you got things done promptly when your boss assigned you a task in front of the team? Essentially, “what will people say” drove you into putting that bit extra. Use this psychology to your advantage. Be your own boss and announce your goal on Facebook. Or just put up a placard somewhere your well-wishers can read. As side effects, you’ll get free encouragement and find pokers who will keep reminding you of your goals.

Start immediately.

3. Run!

Without much ado, start work. Most commonly found runners are the Grasshoppers, and then rabbits.

  1. Grasshoppers (procrastinators): They wait for the perfect day to begin, wait till they have the best equipment and everything in place. Besides loss of time, it psychologically makes the task daunting (that you have to wait for the perfect day else you couldn’t achieve it).
  2. Hares (over enthusiastic): Hares will start running even before chalking out their goals. And then will burn out, lose sight of the objective, and get distracted in a few weeks. Do not fire on all cylinders without a plan, just because you are pumped up.
  3. Run, but be more of a turtle than anything else – plan smartly, start immediately and persist ruthlessly. ‘Slow and steady wins…’ is true to its last word.