tennis court

8 Amazing Tennis Courts from Around the World

Some Tennis courts are works of art in their own right. Here's a look at the most unique Tennis courts built so far.
serena williams


Did you know Serena Williams was fined $10,000 for Smashing Racket at Wimbledon?
grip of a tennis racket


Why is the Tennis racket Grip shape octagonal? More on this here....
Federer training routine

Roger Federer’s Training Routine

A glimpse into the training routine behind Federer's 66 Grand Slam Appearances and 17 Slam Titles.
Novak Djokovich

Fuzzy Secrects of the Tennis Ball

Why is the tennis ball covered in felt? What do professional tennis players look at when they choose a ball before service? Answer: Aerodynamics.
tennis tips

10 Tips to play better tennis

Do you follow these good habits of tennis? 10 tips to improve your game.
intresting facts about wimbledon

Facts you didn’t know about Wimbledon

Rufus the Hawk, Wimbledon's anti-pigeon commander-in-chief has a new partner in the game of stop pigeons. Find more such facts here:
Tennis Scoring

Mysteries of the Tennis Scoring System

There are various theories around the tennis scoring system, and most point to origins in France and the English mispronunciation of the French language.
How to choose a tennis racket

How to choose a Tennis Racket

Along with quality training and practice, a suitable racket goes a long way in helping you achieve your peak. Here is how to choose a good tennis racket.