Sachin Knocking

Knocking in a Cricket Bat

Use the wooden hammer to improve your bat’s performance. Here is a step by step procedure to prepare your bat for runs.


Historical Sports Events with Record Audiences

The audience elevates sport from a mere contest to a spectacular drama. Here are 10 events with historic audiences that went into the record books.


Which Cricket Bat is the Best for You?

Selecting the Best Cricket Bat for your batting style can be tricky. Understand the nuances and technicalities to make the right decision.

tennis court

8 Amazing Tennis Courts from Around the World

Some Tennis courts are works of art in their own right. Here’s a look at the most unique Tennis courts built so far.


Highest Paid Footballers of 2015-16

Footballers are amongst the highest paid athletes. And if you’d like to see how much they are taking home, here are the top 10 of 2015-16.

How to know if you have transitioned to adulthood?

10 signs showing your transition to adulthood. The sacrifices of becoming an adult will make you ponder if its worth it.

Badminton Racket Selection

Badminton racket specifications

Badminton racket recommendations as per type and level of your game. If you think you are stuck with the wrong racket, here is a guide.


EUROs 2016: UEFA XI Vs spyn XI

We debated over the UEFA Best XI – agreed with many, disagreed with a few and came up with our own. Here is the official UEFA Euro 2016 XI vs spyn Euro XI.


Part 2 of football formation series covers 4-3-3, the most popular formation in football today. It’s structure, working, history and when to use it.

serena williams


Did you know Serena Williams was fined $10,000 for Smashing Racket at Wimbledon?